Our Expertise
We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of financial advice
For growth, preservation or income.
Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning
Building a pension pot or deciding your options upon retirement.
Cash Flow Planning
Cash Flow Planning

Forging a path towards your financial goals.

Estate Planning
Estate Planning
Protecting yourself and future generations.

About BlackBear

BlackBear Financial Group is a family-founded independent financial advisers based in Ellesmere Port with a prestigious heritage tracing back to 1978. Our mission is to provide clear and holistic financial solutions to individuals and to unconditionally put our clients best interest first.

We provide solutions to client problems that are easy to understand, so there are never any hidden costs or unclear fees for you to deal with.
The client is at the heart of everything we do. We never aim to put the client in a worse situation than they could be in, and we actively find ways to drive down our costs to pass savings onto our clients.
By putting our clients first, it naturally follows that we continually apply our expertise to ensure that the solutions we offer are optimal for your current situation. Because we are totally independent, we are free to explore all options for you.
It is important to us that the client understands the advice they are receiving just as much as the adviser, so we always take great care when explaining recommendations.
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Max Anderson

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“Don’t follow the herd. Lead the migration”

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