Why Choose BlackBear Financial Group?
Everybody at BlackBear shares a common set of principles that are integral to how we provide our services to clients.

We see these values as the foundation of all our client relationships.

A principled approach to financial planning

We believe that following a refined financial planning procedure based on principles is the best way to help you achieve your financial goals. This means that we can create easy-to-understand and personalised solutions for individuals regardless of their personal circumstances.

We provide solutions to client problems that are easy to understand, so there are never any hidden costs or unclear fees for you to deal with.

The client is at the heart of everything we do. We never aim to put the client in a worse situation than they could be in, and we actively find ways to drive down our costs to pass savings onto our clients.

By putting our clients first, it naturally follows that we continually apply our expertise to ensure that the solutions we offer are optimal for your current situation. Because we are totally independent, we are free to explore all options for you.

It is important to us that the client understands the advice they are receiving just as much as the adviser, so we always take great care when explaining recommendations.

The financial planning process

After your free, initial, no-obligation consultation, your adviser will review your situation, objectives and future goals and ultimately explore all the options available to you.

Your adviser will then arrange a follow-up meeting with you, where your options will be presented to you and any recommendations will be made. When you and your adviser agree on the solution, your plan will be implemented.

Financial planning is an ongoing process and so your plan will be reviewed on a regular basis once it has been implemented. Changes to your plan will be recommended as and when required, depending on factors such as investment performance or changes to your personal circumstances.

What can you expect from our Advisers?

Our advisers will deliver tax-efficient financial solutions that manage risk appropriate to your personal attitude to investment risk. They aim for any current up-to-date plan to be part of a broader financial strategy encompassing your long-term objectives. However, as times change and financial markets shift, ongoing reviews of your investments are essential to keep you on target to achieve your goals.

Our advisers genuinely care for the wellbeing of all their clients and they want nothing more than for their clients to achieve their goals.