CleverAdviser Technology

Intelligent Investing

When you invest your hard-earned capital, your investments are never without risk. No matter how sophisticated or diversified your portfolio may be, there is very little an investor can do to predict investment performance.

Financial advisers provide periodic reviews of investment portfolios for their clients – analysing investment performance and making recommended changes if necessary. Unfortunately, the frequency of these reviews could be every six to twelve months – or even longer.

This means that your investments may not be monitored as often as you would like.

Perhaps a fund manager in your portfolio has a management style out of favour with the market conditions, and their fund has underperformed for the past year. Do you wait for the fund performance to pick up again? Or do you sell that fund now only to find out that performance picks up dramatically three months later?

Furthermore – how do you remove human emotion from that decision?

The solution for many investors is CleverAdviser Technology.

CleverAdviser is an active management solution for bespoke investment and pension portfolios. By using individualised risk profiling tools and personalised asset allocations, CAT creates an optimised investment solution for you – the investor.

Not only does CleverAdviser select the best investments for you, but it reviews the performance of those investments monthly and sends you a short and simple email reviewing recent investment performance.
If one or more investment funds in your portfolio is no longer performing appropriately, CAT will recommend a suitable fund switch.

Whilst a traditional “buy and hold” strategy may suit some investors, it is often the case that dynamic investment strategies like CleverAdviser yield excellent results.

At BlackBear Financial Group, we offer this service to many of our clients because we believe that the process is rigorous and repeatable with an excellent track record.

To find out more about CleverAdviser, you can watch the video above.

If CleverAdviser sounds like an investment solution that suits your financial goals, telephone BlackBear Financial Group on 0151 317 6800 or send an email to to book a meeting with an adviser.