BlackBear Financial Group Update: January 2021

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As another year begins, so does another lockdown.  “Stay at home” is the main message again, schools are staying shut and non-essential businesses have been forced to close.  The good news is that the vaccines are now being rolled out across the UK, so there is some hope on the horizon.

The vaccine break-through and the Brexit deal boosted global markets but with coronavirus cases at record-breaking highs in the US, and lockdowns across much of Europe, the situation is still volatile – and this means you may see the value of your investments go up and down.

2020 has been a truly awful year for the Global Economy with immense damage wrought by the devastating pandemic and much now depends on a successful rollout of the various vaccines now available.  Equity investors were able to overcome the bad news, primarily as governments ensured that enough monetary and fiscal aid was forthcoming to keep financial damage to a minimum. Equity markets have a lot of optimism baked into valuations at the moment, and we feel this is probably justified.  Central Banks and Governments have committed to fiscal and monetary support until economic activity normalises. With vaccines now available, we hope that it is only a matter of time before these can minimise the threat of the virus, enabling economic growth to return to more normal levels.

We want to reassure you that we are still available to help you, working safely from our new offices.  So, if you have any financial concerns or requests, please telephone, or email us.

Remember, in these strange and difficult times, we continue to support you with as little disruption as possible.